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YZY Med has built a R&D center of 2000㎡ in Wuhan Optics Valley Biomedicine Park, established various technical platforms based on advanced facilities, such as ARMS fluorescent quantitative PCR, multiple fluorescent quantitative PCR, nucleic acid mass spectrometry, fluorescent in situ hybridization(FISH) and circulating tumor cell detection,etc. The company has a 3200㎡of GMP-accredited industrial workshop, obtained the Medical Device Production License by Hubei Food and Drug Administration, and passed the attestation of ISO13485:2016 quality system. The company won the following honorary awards: High-tech Enterprise, National Demonstration Center for Genetic Detection Technology Application, Hubei Demonstration Construction Enterprise on Intellectual Property Right, the third batch of Invisible Champion Cultivation Enterprises in the Subdivision Field of Pillar Industries in Hubei Province, "Enterprise Research and Development Center " in Wuhan.

The company aims to develop various innovative and personalized medical diagnostic products based on the research results of pharmacogenetics and cancer molecular biomarkers. These products can be used clinically to predict the drugs efficacy and determine the durgs dosage by screening the applicable population, thus to develop personalized treatment plans for patients, reduce patient medical costs with improved efficacy and minimize the adverse drug reactions.The purpose of R&D Center is to vigorously advocate international cutting-edge personalized medicine, achieving a modern personalized treatment model:"The right drug for the right patient".



  • In April 2012

    YZY Personalized Medicine Research Center was successfully established, headed by Honghao Zhou, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering.

  • In December 2014

    Wuhan Textile University-YZY Joint Research Center for Micro and Nano Medical Science was inaugurated.

  • In June 2016

    The pilot project of “R&D on Digital diagnosis and treatment equipment ” was successfully granted, it is a national key research and development program jointly applied by YZY and Shandong Pharmaceutical Research Institute.

  • In March 2018

    "Key Technology Development and Application of Circulating Tumor Cell Enrichment and Identification Project ", jointly completed by YZY and Shandong Institute of Cancer Prevention and Treatment, was awarded the first prize of Shandong Provincial Scientific and Technological Progress Award.

  • In December 2020

    "Establishment and Application Project of Circulating Tumor Cell Capture Technology System" , jointly researched by YZY and Prof. Xiong Bin's team of Central South Hospital of Wuhan University was awarded the First Prize of Hubei Provincial Scientific and Technological Progress Award in 2020.

  • Since 2015

    Over 20 high-level SCI papers have been jointly published by YZY together with Shandong Cancer Hospital, Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, Wuhan Union Hospital Oncology Center, Zhongshan Cancer Hospital and other institutions since 2015.